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Augusta C. Adams (A. P. Englis…)   
Leonard F. Ahern (Languag…)    
Dwight Allard (Business)
Gretchen Almstead
Pat Anderson (Business Teacher)   
Phillip Armstrong
James Armstrong (Math)
Suzanne Babcock (English) *See Suza…
Emily Baker Wolfe (Guidance)
Mary Lou Barr (English)   
Timothy Barr (Assistant…)     
Susan Berkow (Chemistry/Biology)
Fred Bishopp
Anthony Bonanno
Jennifer Brock (Business)
Rhoda Brown (Math)
Penny Buck (Math)
David B. Budd, Sr. (Assis…)    
Jeanne Byrd
Thomas J. Calebus, Jr. (Principal…)  
Charles Carter (English)   
Tom Casey (Science & Baske…    
Stewart /Stuart Christiano (Guidance)
Clair Christy (Teacher And F…   
Nancy Cocke
Bert Cohen
Bert Cohen (Ancient History)
Theodore "Ted" Colna   
Jack Combs
Gerald "Jerry" Connolly (Guidance)
Thomas Conolly
Kenneth Craddock (English)
William Craig
Frank Creneti   
Alyson Crogan
James Cummins (English)
Peter Davies    
S. John Davis, Superintendent   
Alice Deaton (Long)  
Dan Denston   
Ralph Desmond (Admin staff, 3-Sport…
Ralph "Paul" Desmond, Jr   
Jeff Dietze (Director, Stud…)    
Enis Difusco   
John Dingle   
Richard "Dick" Doyle (English)    
Dorothy S. Duncan (Curriculum…)   
Edwin L. Dunn, Jr. (Art T…)    
George Efthemes   
Patricia "Patty" Efthemes (Deca And F…)
George Etheridge
Jan Eubanks
Patricia Finch
Michael Firkins
Steve Foglio    
Ramona Forney (Guidance)
Ann Foster (History And Polit…)   
Joyce Fourqurean
Howard Garner (Faculty)    
Edward Gassek (English & Dram…)   
Larry Gaudreault (Science)     
George M. Gibbs (Principal, S…)   
Jane Glazer (English)
Dr. John Gotwalt   
Lisa Grable (Chemistry And Cheerleadi…)
Donald Gregory  
Ronald Grow (Phys Ed)   
Jane Hall
George F. Hamel, Jr.
Suzanne Hannay (English) (Most P…  
Peter Hatcher (Administrative Aide)
Pamela Hawkins
Lee Ann A Hennig (Science Te…)    
Bernard R. (Pat) Hensley   
Ed Herczyk
M. Gordon Herndon
Richard Hessler   
Claude Hinson   
Marita Holden (Administrative Aide)
Marvin Jerome Hupart (History)   
Mark Hyman
Richard Jacoby
Robert James
Paul Jansen ('73 Alumnus)   
Thomas Johnson   
Donald Jones (Phys Ed /Math)   
Mollie Keesee
Wilbert "Bud" King (Music…)    
Samuel Kladitis    
Stanley Lawson   
Orion Layman (Math)   
Paul Levy
Barbara Long (English)   
June Loveless   
Sharon Lowe (Spanish)
Leroy "Roy" Lutes
Debi Lynch (Sorber '72 Grad)
George Lyons
William Maher
Rita Malecki
Paul Manning   
Dr. James E. "Jay" Manning,…   
Sherman Masters
Kathleen McConahey
Diane G. McConnell (Murphy)   
Anne McGee (English Teacher)
Cynthia McIver
Elizabeth "Liz" McPherson (Ward)
Clara Mergler (Math)   
Dabney Miller
Patty Miller
William Monticone
John Moulds
Jack Murray   
Gretchen Nacke
Mary D. Nelson "Madame Nel…   
Mary Nickols
Martha Oates (Guidance Counselor)
Christine Ohlsson (English)
James Oliver
Barbara Ostrowski
Robert Paszek
Winfield Pate (Math)    
Dennis Patrick
James H. Pattisall, Jr.
Ginnie Peirce-Volkman
Victor Peren (English) (Formerly Vict…)
Albert L. “"Al”" Perreault (H…)   
Clyde Phelps    
Russell Phipps
Francis Pierotti
Wilma E. Ranck (Asst. Mgr. , C…)   
Thomas Rich
Anthony (Tony) Rizzo    
Neil Robinson (Social Studies)  
Jody "Joe" Rose (English)
Marsha Sater (Math)
Barbara Schellhardt
Carl Schloemer (Director, Guidance …
Marilyn Schwaner (Orchestra D…)   
Sylvia Seidel (English)   
Lynne Server (Steer Language)    
Judith Shivik
John Shortridge   
Letitia Silverberg (Language)
Eugene W. Skinner (Assistant …)   
Donald Smart
Jeffrey Smith
Ira Snyder
Jonathan W. South (Physics)    
Pam Stansbery (Brown)
Helen Strickland
Adine Suttler (Guidance)
Donna Sweeney
Rodney B. Taylor (Principal, Mid-Year…)
Leonard Terrell (Arts)
Edward Teskey
Richard Thomas
John Travis (Asst. Principal 1980-198…)
Carmen Urso (Guidance)
Constantine Vretos (Guidance)    
Sarah Wagner   
Robert "Bob" Waldorf (Guidance)   
Verne Walsh
Diane R Weiner (Art)
Thomas Wells (English)
Kenneth Whitlock (Human Relations C…
Frank Wickes   
Elizabeth Wilbur
Robert Wiley   
Virginia Williams (Guidance Counselor)
Donald Willman (Math)
Fay Wilsie
Sally Wilson
Willis Young   

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