Awards Program


“From the Hearts of the Federals to the Students of Today”

This awards program is sponsored by the Fort Hunt Federals, through their generous donations.


On June 20th, 2017 the Fort Hunt High School Alumni Association proudly presented SIX scholarship awards to the following West Potomac High School students:

  • Mary Kate Savage
  • Madison Elizabeth Howe
  • Anna Christina Capper
  • Zachary Fisher Broome
  • Hibisit Belachew Demilie
  • Cooper William Rapp

Our special thanks go to Ruth Pritscher Ryder ('75) and Neil Robinson ('67) for their generous sponsorship of the 2018 awards.  Neil also taught Social Studies at FHHS years after his graduation!


L-R is Alumni President, Joe Gililland ('73), Mary Kate Savage (WP), Zachary Broome (WP), Madison Howe (WP), Hibisit Demilie, Cooper Rapp (WP), Alumni Vice-President, Jim Carmalt ('71) and Board Member, Doug Clark ('68).



  • Mark Weil
  • Pilar Jimenez Larre Borges
  • Ella Moore
  • Jason Seiler


L-R is Doug Clark ('68), Board Member, Chris Beal ('71) Board Member, Students Ella Moore, Pilar Jiminez Larre Borges, Jason Seiler, and Jim Carmalt ('71), Alumni Association Vice President.  

Our thanks to Ruth Pritscher Ryder ('75) for her sponsorship of the scholastic awards presented to the West Potomac High School students for 2017.

Jim Carmalt talks about FHHS and then announces the names of the Scholarship Winners.



In June of 2016, four additional scholarship awards were presented to West Potomac High School graduating seniors: 

  • Sarah Gallagher - University of Mississippi
  • Revathi Mohan
  • Maria Genuario - Virginia Tech
  • Ian Whitson - West Virginia University

2016 FHHS Scholarship Winners        

(FHHS Alumni Association President, Joe Gililland, with the 2016 award winners)
Our thanks to Ruth Pritscher Ryder (FHHS '75) for her generous donation towards the scholarships


In June of 2015, four (4) West Potomac High School students were presented FHHSAA Education Awards:

  • Alexis Nobrega - Marymount University
  • Elizabeth Wood - Rhodes College
  • Samuel Jones - Duke University
  • Hannah Lau - University of Texas - San Antonio

2015 FHHS Scholarship Winners

(FHHSAA Vice-President Jimmy Carmalt  (FHHS '71) with the Scholarship Winners)


In June of 2014, three (3) West Potomac High School students were presented FHHSAA Education Awards: 

  • Briana Simone Dessaure – University of South Carolina
  • Shelbi Pullen –  Christopher Newport University
  • William K. Lescher, Jr. - University of Pennsylvania  

Pictured is Briana Simone Dessaure and Alumni Association President, Joe Gililland.


The Fort Hunt High School Alumni Association is proud to announce that on Monday, June 17th, we provided our first annual scholarship award to a deserving, college-bound West Potomac High School senior, Anna Soyka.  Anna was chosen by West Potomac High School administrators as the best representive of the ideals of academic achievement, community involvement and participation in school activities. 

2013 FHHS Scholarship Winner

Pictured is Joe Gililland and Ms. Anna Soyka at West Potomac High School

The Alumni Association provided Anna with a gift card award which she used to prepare herself for James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA where she started her college career in August of 2013.  Our congratulations to Anna - our first scholarship winner!