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FHHS ALL-CLASS REUNION FOR 2021;  Federals - the FHHS Alumni Group has moved the FHHS All-Class Reunion to this fall to allow ample time for vaccinations.  We want the Federals to meet safely and determined that it would be best to move the reunion to allow some extra time. So, SAVE-THE-DATE for the first weekend of October 2021 - Friday, October 1st, Saturday, October 2nd and Sunday, October 3rd (All-Class Picnic).


ALL-CLASS REUNION for 2021 - Biggest Yet? 

To allow ample time for vaccine distribution we HAVE MOVED the annual All-Class Picnic to October 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Your alumni group and separate Class Reunion Committees are making plans for a fantastic weekend.  Due to 2020's Milestone Class postponements, we will have our LARGEST group of classes celebrating Milestone Reunions ever:  Classes of 1965, 1966, 1970, 1971, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1981 and 1985 will all have Milestone Events!  Start your planning early and if the Alumni Association can assist, please let us know.

We anticipate that we will offer a similar calendar of events that has been so successful for the last 10 years: 

  • Friday night - "Ice Breaker" at The Fish Market in Old Town (dinners starting @ 5pm, drinks @ 7 pm)
  • Saturday day - FHHS Alumni Garden visit with School Tours and Speaking Program @1pm at Carl Sandburg - the old Fort Hunt High School
  • Saturday night - Separate dinner events for Milestone Classes, Old Town Get-Togethers for the rest
  • Sunday, All-Class Picnic at Fort Hunt Park, 12-5pm, BBQ picnic, live music, class photos & more.  Parking is available in Areas A, B and all three sections of Area C.  Carpooling is appreciated to reduce the number of spaces needed.  Thanks!  

      GREAT NEWS for the Classes of 1970 and 1971!

     Representatives for the FHHS classes of 1970 and 1971 are holding regular meetings on Zoom to discuss a combined 50th Class Reunion Dinner on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 (new date!).  Reunion Chairmen Donald Wardle ('70) and Costa Manolas ('71) and their committees have agreed to combine their efforts to host a two-Class Dinner and Dance at the Westin Hotel in Alexandria.  Because of COVID-19 cancellations, Class of '70 was unable to celebrate their 50th this past summer, so Class of '71 will join them in 2021 for a combined celebration. 
Please join us for a fun weekend and a for a special dinner event for the Classes of '70 and '71 at the Westin Hotel! 
A personal "Thank You!" from myself to the FHHS 1970 & 1971 reunion planners for working toward a combined event.  NOW is the time to spread the word and I hope other classes will consider organizing as combined groups for their respected Milestone Events.  We'd like to see a big turnout for our school's October 2021 reunion!  - Joe Gililland 
- Costa Manolas, FHHS '71

FHHS Class of 1976 45th Reunion -- The Class of '76 will be having our 45th Reunion in conjunction with the All Class Reunion Weekend, October 1 - 3, 2021,  The Steering Committee (Mike Argo, Becky Benoit, Louis Genuario, Mark Luxenburg, and Mark Monroe),  is meeting and setting up final plans for our events.  Please see the Reunion and Events are of the website for details.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!  As soon as the registration link is active we will email everyone individually through the website. If you have not updated your contact information in a while, please make sure your current email is on the website.

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To Fort Hunt High School alumni, faculty and staff, family members, and friends:

Although our beloved high school is renamed and repurposed, FHHS will exist forever in our hearts and minds. We represent our old alma mater through our communal thoughts and memories; collectively reconstructing an institution stronger than the physical structure could ever be.

Our high school was only in existence for a mere 22 years.  Twenty-two. Amazing. Years.  Our parents and faculty--indeed, our whole community--produced an outstanding collection of entrepreneurs and leaders among our graduates and we continue that course, today, through our children and grandchildren.  

Sadly, our school's alumni membership will shrink with time, but we hope that our achievements will not be forgotten.  By welcoming family and friends of FHHS as members of our Association, we enable our legacy to live on through those who share our vision.  In particular, community programs and sponsorship awards that we establish and maintain might continue to grow and flourish.  Indeed, the Federals' spirit will live on through this Alumni Association! 

Please join me in welcoming all members who have chosen to participate in preserving the history and good name of this great school and the Mighty Federals!  ~Terry

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Welcome to the Fort Hunt High School Alumni Association website!  Please have a look around this site, update your contact information, check out your classmates' profiles and pictures, drop a line in the Federal Forums, and peruse fun historical facts, photos & music from our many good ol' days!


To foster, promote and maintain the spirit of Fort Hunt High School by serving as a central source of information about the school, its alumni, faculty and former students, to maintain this website (http// and to promote regular reunions of alumni, students and faculty members.  In addition, the association will conduct a scholarship program to deserving, college-bound seniors at West Potomac High School and provide support to the local community.

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