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Temple Musselman (Whitson) - Class Of 1977

Temple Musselman (Whitson)


(Updated All-Class Message sent by Joe Gililland regarding FHHS Alumni Association Board Member, Temple Whitson)

Federals of All Classes:                                             

Temple Musselman Whitson, FHHS Class of '77, passed away on November 9th, 2020 from a fatal heart attack.  She was 61 years old, just having celebrated her birthday on the 1st of October.

Temple was a FHHS Alumni Association Board Member and was the group's graphic artist.  She served in that capacity since 2009, creating numerous logos and graphics, helping us to prepare for our annual reunions and alumni events, assisting with fundraising and collaborating with the board on many projects.  She did all this as a friendly, engaged and talented volunteer. 

Temple was very interested in all things FHHS, but in particular loved to talk about the history of the school, the success of its alumni and she enjoyed hearing and telling all those great school stories.  She knew hundreds of school stories, and knew hundreds of Federals.  She was a friend to all.

We are in contact with her husband,  Stuart Whitson, FHHS Class of '80, and have offered our condolences and help to him and to their two children, Ian and Elizabeth.   

We will put in a memorial paver for Temple and we will hold an informal memorial service at the FHHS Alumni Garden when the time is right in the near future.

Stuart said that no formal memorial/burial service is planned yet, and he's not sure when and where it can be done, but he promises to let us know when it has been determined.  We will get the word out to the Federals when we have more information.

Flowers were sent to the to the Whitson's from the Alumni.

We owe a lot to Temple for her design work and we will always think of her when we look at our logos, brochures and alumni swag.  She was a one-of-a-kind good person, a great mom & wife and a real trooper for the almuni.  May she rest in peace.

She'll be greatly missed, but she will live on in the work she created for us.  Some of Temple's designs are shown below, including the last one which she designed for today's Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association Football Team - known as The Fort Hunt Federals:






- Joe Gililland and the FHHS Alumni Board & Officers