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David B. Budd, Sr. (Assistant Principal, (C. 1974?-1980?))

I think this record may be our Mr. Budd.  May he rest in peace.

DATE OF BIRTH: 04/05/1929
DATE OF DEATH: 01/13/1995

Source: US Dept of VA

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09/26/14 07:20 AM #1    

Barbara Eugenia Elefter (Witte) (1972)

The Dave Budd I knew was my age--born around 1954. This memorial shows year of birth as 1929. I remember Dave as a kind, friendly and athletic guy. He was a good person. :)Barbara Elefter Witte

09/27/14 09:36 AM #2    

Timothy Barr

The "our" Mr. Budd born in 1929 was an assistant principal at FHHS in the 1970's.    "Your" David Budd is his son, and I remember him as you describe him, a fine young man.    Mr. Budd and I worked together closely at FHHS during some difficult and troubled times, and as a young assistant principal (born and raised in NJ and new to the South), he taught me many valuable lessons.     I think of him often, and one of my life's regrets is that I was unable to attend his funeral services at the time and tell his family how much he meant to me and so many in the FHHS community.

09/28/14 11:08 AM #3    

John Shortridge

Tim, thank you for the info on Dave Budd, I never knew many of these things about him, even though I worked with him during the 70's, true those were some troubling years. Unfortunately, I never got to really know him, but I remeber his son well, a fine individual!

06/09/15 08:08 AM #4    

Teresa "Terry" Kinder (Alers) (1979)

I remember Mr Budd was quiet and calm mannered, but appropriately serious--and constantly monitoring the hallways.  One day, as I headed from the "smoking lounge" to class, he did worry me briefly when he pulled me aside and took my purse.  A smoldering fire was growing in my shoulderbag while my long hair hung just inches above!  Black smoke trailed behind me as I had walked down the hallway.  He took me and my burning bag into a custodial closet and dumped the contents next to a drain hole.  It was an embarrassing encounter for me at that age, but he delt with it in stride and then we both carried on; me not quite understanding at the time that he probably saved me from serious injury.  I hope I thanked him!  These days, it's difficult to even fathom that smoking was once allowed on school grounds.

Mr. Budd also possessed a wonderful silliness.  As school let out for the summer one year, he humored us by posing for a picture of him pretending to climb the fence to chase after us near "the back gate."  He laughed and we laughed.  I still smile when I recall this fond memory of Mr. Budd.

I also knew his younger son, Matt, a bit.  We grew up in the same neighborhood and crossed paths occassionally, although Matt is a couple years younger than me.  He is also a fine individual.  I always liked Matt to the extent that I knew him.

I believe Mr. Budd must also have had an amazing sense of forgiveness and self confidence and he obviously passed that along to his children, as well.  A good father, and a good administrator.  RIP.

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